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New Website For Struggling Borrowers,, Launches

Posted: Updated:, a new website set up to explain the complex loan modification schemes set up by the Obama administration, launches today. Set up to counter the mis-information on the internet, the site aims to educate borrowers struggling to pay their mortgage.

August 19, 2014

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Those struggling to pay their mortgage interested in loan modification will find relevant and useful information on the new, recently launched, website.

This new website focuses on the ins and outs of loan modification, from the point of view of those it is designed to help: struggling borrowers.

About Loan Modification

Set up by the Obama administration to support the housing sector after the Global Financial Crisis, the various loan modification schemes such as HAMP and HARP allow borrowers unable to keep up with repayments to modify, or reduce, their loan payments.

“If you’re underwater through no fault of your own and can’t refinance, this plan changes that,” President Obama , January 2012

Needless to say this is a drastic step, not to be taken lightly. It is also a complex area: there are several schemes that work slightly differently, with different eligibility criteria. All this is explained on the site.


The site has also been set up to counter the mis-information, lies and downright scams on this valuable lifeline for those struggling to pay their mortgage.

Unfortunately the schemes have attracted those who prey on vulnerable groups by aggressively mis-selling loan modification programs. This has often meant many of those who could benefit being confused and worried about the program.

Why is different

The site aims to provide detailed accurate advice for those looking to modify their loan. Examples of the information of the site include

- Details on the main scheme, the Home Affordable Modification program (HAMP).

- A sample loan modification letter which can be used in the process

- A free loan modification calculator to see how much a reduction would affect a borrow.

These are just some of the articles on the site, with lots more to come.


Loan modification is a complex and potentially hazardous area, which seems to attract significantly incorrect information. has been set up to counter that, and provide the protection needed for the struggling borrower to save their home.

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Young
Organization: Legitimate Loan Modification
Phone: 0478111401

ReleaseID: 59667

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