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Motwani Lasik of San Diego Introduces 21st Century Lasik Technology

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San Diego eye surgeon Dr. Motwani of the Motwani Lasik Institute brings 21st Century Lasik Technology and advancements to his patients by using the Wavelight EX500.

August 19, 2014

San Diego, United States – August 19th, 2014 /PressCable/

San Diego, California, August 18, 2014 – Motwani Lasik Institute is one of the only San Diego refractive practices to bring the technologically advanced treatment, considered by many, to be the finest in the world to San Diego and the surrounding area.

The EX500 is not only technically far superior to the Visx laser, it is also much more ergonomically designed for the surgeon helping them to be more efficient, less distracted, and safer. It represents nothing less than a total re-think of an eye excimer laser.

So why don’t more laser centers have the EX500? The simple answer is cost. Advanced technology simply does not come cheaply. If a laser center and its surgeon are not fully dedicated to laser vision correction, it simply does not have the patient base to support such a machine.

The Need for Speed- the Wavelight EX500 is the fastest laser in the United States, and one of the fastest in the world. Speed is everything when it comes to Lasik surgery.

In the world of laser eye re-shaping to get rid of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism speed equals accuracy. The reason why is simple: when a surgeon expose’s the bed of the cornea (the part of the cornea that needs to be-reshaped to get rid of glasses), it starts to de-hydrate. Since the laser works on the water molecules in the corneal cells, the longer the laser takes the less accurate it becomes. In this world, seconds count, and count a lot!

The EX500 is the first and only laser in the U.S. to be able to measure the corneal thickness using a non-contact light based measuring device while the patient is under the laser. That means that the surgeon can measure the thickness of the cornea before and after the LASIK flap, and knows exactly how much tissue is present, how thick the flap is, knows exactly how much can be removed, and how much has been removed. This increases the safety of laser procedures, whether they are LASIK, PRK, EPI-LASIK, or LASEK.

To increase safety even further, the EX500 tracks the eye an astounding 1000 times a second. It is able to keep with rapid eye movements, increasing the safety and accuracy of the procedure.

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Getting laser eye surgery can be a stressful experience, not because the procedure is physically difficult for the patient, but simply because having a procedure on the eyes can be stressful or even scary for some. The best way to make the process easier is to make it as stress-free, smooth, and as efficient as possible. This is what Motwani Lasik Institute strives to do, not only with their technology, but in how the staff creates a warm, friendly, inviting climate.

This decreased stress to the tissues results in faster recovery times, and patients start seeing faster with faster healing times. This laser is so fast that eyesight can be corrected faster than it takes to put in contact lenses!

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Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Manoj Motwani
Organization: Motwani Lasik Institute
Phone: 858-554-0008
Address: 4520 Executive Drive, Suite 230 San Diego, CA 92121

ReleaseID: 59755

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