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Damage Affects Other Parts of Northeastern Nebraska

NORTHEAST, NE - Pilger wasn't the only area of community hit by a twister.
Wakefield was also hit. One family told us they took shelter in their basement, and it's a good thing since a tree toppled into their home. A shed that was built about a year ago was also destroyed. And,  they got out of their home to discover a trampoline stuck in a tree.
"Yeah we went down in the basement and weren't sure what to expect when we came up. It got our trees and a new building we just put up last year," said homeowner, Jane Dorcey.
Meanwhile,  the Red Cross is asking volunteers to help with clean up in Wakefield Wednesday. Volunteers should gather at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning at the emergency operation center in Pilger, before they move on to Wakefield. You're asked to wear heavy duty boots and gloves to protect yourself.

Three homes north of Stanton were blown off their foundations by a separate,  E-F 3 tornado. One of those homes ended up in a ditch across the road. One of the homeowners says his family went to town to avoid the storm. And by the time they returned, his home was blown away, and some ATV's were laying in his basement.
 "But we're okay and we're thankful that our kids are safe 'cuz they left the house just minutes before it hit. And that was really all that I cared about so, I just really feel for the people especially over in Pilger who lost their lives or were seriously injured. We're fine. We'll be okay," said homeowner, David Amick.
Experts estimate the tornado that hit Stanton was an EF-3, and one the twisters that struck Pilger was an EF-4 in strength.
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