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Truck Sinks in Snyder Bend Lake; Officials Deal with Environmental Impact


Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources are dealing with the toxic aftermath of a truck that sunk into Snyder Bend Lake, 3 miles west of Salix.

Authorities say 48-year-old Ronald Mathison was ice fishing Sunday afternoon when his 1991 Ford F-150 sunk into the lake.

Mathison however didn't alert officials, which prompted a park official to call the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office and Plymouth County Dive and Rescue team to determine if anyone had been injured or still inside the vehicle.

Officials said no one was hurt, but the lake could suffer environmental damage.
"The oil, the gasoline, all the things that are in the engine uh they can do very nasty things in the water and the ecosystem. Uh small-scale, uh, like vehicle usually doesn't have that tremendous of an effect but uh it can add to other things and can cause things like fish kills, um, and many other things that are harmful to the water," Park Ranger Josh Vanvoorst told Siouxland News.
Officials warn in the next two weeks, surrounding lakes and rivers will begin to melt and people should avoid parking or walking on bodies of water.

No charges have been filed yet against the driver.

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