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Hometown Farmer: Bless You, Inc.


"In about a month we'll be starting to calve these cows out," said Duane Drost, looking out at his cattle herd on a cold February morning.

But it's not just the cattle and hogs keeping Duane busy.

"All the trailers we purchase are right around 30 foot with a slide out," said Duane, opening the door to a 30 foot camper inside a shed on his farm.

He started "Bless You, Inc." about a year and a half ago, buying campers, packing them full of food and supplies and driving them across the country.

To help folks in their darkest hours.

His organization lets families live in the campers after their homes have been destroyed by natural disasters.

"You're kind of meeting the people at the lowest time of their life and I feel we're a God-send to them, just like there were people that God sent to me," said Drost.

Six trailers have helped a lot of families so far in Oklahoma and "Bless You, Inc." plans on adding four more trailers to the total fleet soon.

"I lost a daughter about 10 years ago and that was really hard on me, I was just tired of people hurting other people," said Drost."I tried committing suicide. And through that whole ordeal there were some really awesome people that God put in front of me."

Because of that experience, "Bless You, Inc." is all about helping others, but Duane says it takes a whole army of help just to make the new non-profit group work.

Whether it's the hired hand running the farm when Duane's gone, or his wife Lisa.

But through all of the work, all of the trips, Duane's just glad he can help out families who might have nothing else.

"The people are just so grateful because if they didn't have this, I don't know what they would be doing," said Drost.

If you want to volunteer with, or donate to, "Bless You, Inc.," please check out this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BlessYouInc

Or this website: http://www.blessyouinc.com/

If you know of any farmers you think would be great here on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at: jheller@siouxlandnews.com

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