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U.S. Senate Hopeful, Shane Osborn, Talks Politics


(SIOUX CITY, IA) Senate hopeful and former Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn sat down with Siouxland News to talk about why he thinks he deserves Nebraska's vote.

Siouxland News Reporter Heather Leigh: So lets talk about your run for US. Senate... What was the decision behind throwing your hat into the race?
Shane Osborn: "People ask why would you want to take something like this and it goes back to a saying we have in the Navy back when I was a former Navy Pilot and many men have given their lives for it. It's not on my watch. I don't want to sit back and watch our country decline. It's going to take people from Washington D.C. to put the country first, above their own political well-being so to speak and I did that when I wore this nation's uniform and I'll continue to do it as the nations next senator."
HL:How have things been going for you in the race?
SO:"You know, it's going very well. It's a big, beautiful state. We've been full time since last May and put on over 34,000 miles. We've visited all 93 counties, most more than once and if Nebraskans are going to vote for you they want to get to know you. They want to shake your hand and not just know your politics but get to know you as a person."
HL: You were Nebraska's State Treasurer from 2007 until 2011, do you think that experience will help you in your election?
SO: "I do. The people of Nebraska trusted me with their vote and I kept my promises. Over a 4 year period I cut the budget 12%. I shrunk the staff 28%. We made the office so much more efficient and better that we won the National Treasuring Marquee Award -- top treasurer's office in the country. I also brought transparency to the state of Nebraska. I put, for under 40,000, the entire state budget online so you know if the government is going to take our money the least they could do is give us a receipt right? And that's something I think we need in Washington DC. We understand that Nebraskan's don't spend money we don't have, we have a balance budget amendment and that's something I'd love to see in Washington DC. Make people live within their means. Make the Government live within its means."
HL: What are some of the things you're pushing for if elected?
SO: "I think we need to obviously reign in spending. I've actually done that, I've shrunk government. I'm the only candidate that can say that and so I know how hard that is but I've done it before and the other thing we need to do is grow this economy. The regulators the EPA OSHA, their just killing job growth and that's what I hear as I travel around from small business men and women. I like the idea of North American energy independence. I think that that would create a lot of good paying jobs and get American back to work and that has to be our focus, is to grow this economy. It's the only way we'll get out of these issues were having right now."

For more information on Mr. Osborn you can visit his website: http://www.shaneosborn.com/



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