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Hometown Farmer: Hoop Beef System


"We've had over a 60 degree temperature swing here the last four days," said Brent Bryant, Managing Director for Hoop Beef System, LLC, while giving a tour of one of the buildings at his family farm near Washta, Iowa.

But even with that temperature swing, the cows inside this particular Hoop Beef System barn stay comfortable.

Brent Bryant and his dad started the company just about ten years ago, since then they've sold the barns all over the Midwest.

But this farm in Washta, called "Grand Meadow Feeders," is where the company tests out new ideas before they go on the market.

Ideas like feeding the cattle certain types of ethanol bi-products out of a plastic-lined, concrete bunk feeding system.

"The bottom of that bunk makes for really easy cleanup and clean out," said Bryant.

According to Brent, one of the best things about keeping your cattle this way: they stay pretty warm.

"They're dry, they're comfortable, even though we're at below zero wind chill right now," said Bryant.

That comfort comes from the building's ventilation.

All of the buildings face south, there's a vent along the top, plus an air buffer on the north side of each Hoop Beef System.

In the winter, air gets in, but it tumbles around, keeping the wind chill out.

He's a hometown farmer with a hometown company, building an innovative system for keeping cattle safe in all types of Siouxland weather.

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If you'd like to learn any more about the Hoop Beef System, please visit this web site: http://www.hoopbeef.com/

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