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Hometown Farmer: Belgian Blues


Cindy Berner-Schlichte's kind of an expert on Belgian Blue cattle.

"That bull won more championships than any bull I think we've ever owned," said Cindy, pointing out a picture of an award winning bull at her home.

Over the past 26 years her Blues have won a lot of belt buckles and even more awards.

"It just gets to the point where you have so many," said Cindy, pointing out several award banners. "I wish I could just make a quilt or something out of these."

After Cindy had open heart surgery at the age of 21, she and her husband heard about the breed.

Their meat is healthy and they're pretty tame, but it's taking a while for the breed to catch on in the United States.

Cindy says there are only about 400 breeders across the country.

"They're fighting the norm which is black, they're fighting the norm which is choice prime meat, which is marbled," said Cindy.

Belgian Blue meat doesn't marble much, which means it'll typically be graded select by the USDA and not prime or choice.

Even without that marbling, though, Cindy says the flavor's there. It's even low fat and low cholesterol.

"(The meat is) Even low calorie," said Cindy. "Even lower than skinless chicken."

It's that healthy product and a love for the breed that keep Cindy going with her cattle, even after her husband passed away in 2006.

She says she owes a lot to her blue babies.

"It's something we started together," said Cindy. "They've kept me going because it gives me something to look forward to and work on."

Some of Cindy's family members have joined her in the cattle operation. They're in the process of rebuilding the herd right now, it should be up to full size in a few years.

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