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Flat Tire? Week-long Bitter Temperatures Causing Car Troubles


It's the time of the year when you hear a lot about winter driving tips.

But there's one more you may have missed in trying to keep you safe on the road.

What can happen to your car after several days of sub-zero temperatures?

Well, you may wake up to a flat tire.

No wear and tear, just a rim without the rubber.

But why?
"In the winter time, its very common to get these bead leaks due to the tire with the corrosion on the wheels happening, um, I mean the oxygen and the water vapor that's what does cause it to happen but also the salt on the roads doesn't help too," said Tires Tires Tires' Jordan Nothdurft
As winter hits, road conditions worsen but that combined with single digit temperatures and a low wind chill will cause the tire to create water vapor, leak air, lose pressure faster and eventually flat.
This kind of problem isn't new to Siouxland auto body shops that work on dozens of flats this time of year.

But tire specialists say there are several preventive things you can do to strengthen your tires.
"Make sure your tires are always at the proper pressure before you get on the road that way you don't... sometimes you won't notice it and your driving down and then you have that flat tire and you end up running it flat and then its not repairable," said Nothdurft.
Another tip includes using nitrogen versus air in your tires.

By doing that, you can reduce the chances of forming water vapor and getting a flat.

But at the end day, specialists say sometimes there's no way to avoid a flat, so always carry a spare.

You may also want to look into replacing your tires.

Despite the lifetime guarantees, sometimes tires can't survive several tough winters.

If you have a story you want to tell or an  incident you think needs to be investigated, our reporter Beairshelle Edmé wants to hear about it.
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