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Dakota City Residents Concerned Over City Project


(DAKOTA CITY, NE) Dakota City Residents are upset over a project they say the City was trying to pass before communicating what it even was.

It's called gap paving -- Filling some of the gravel roads that connect to city streets.

The city says it reached out on several occasions and thinks the project will make the city more desirable to live and set up shop in.

You can hear the crunching sound of rocks on the daily in Dakota City. That's because gravel roads circulate throughout but the city says those gravel roads are costing taxpayers a pretty penny.
"Last year we spent roughly about $100,000 dollars just on rock alone and that's not including any equipment time. Our grader is a 1970's road grader that we really piece together on a day to day basis," said Brent Clark, Dakota City City Administrator.
One reason why the city wants to pave 27 gravel roads. The process is called gap paving but the city must follow certain rules when it comes to the procedure.
In order to pave a gravel road, it must be within 300 feet of a paved intersection or two-way road. That's just one reason why the city chose to only mark 27 streets for paving.
The project is expected to cost $2.1 million dollars. More than half of that will be paid for with existing city funds. The rest of the money will be individually assessed per house. That bond will stay with the house even if it's sold. Homeowners that live closer to the newly paved road will pay more.

Clark says it will not only save the city money in the long run, it will save taxpayers because he believes property taxes will go down as more people and businesses move to the area.
"We really want to improve safety and also improve property value for residents," said Clark.
The city chose concrete over asphalt because it says it lasts longer and only costs a few dollars more per foot.

Even still, some residents told Siouxland News they were concerned about the project because they didn't know much about it. Clark says he's reached out several times through social media, the local paper and cable one.
"The brochure almost a year now has been available on the website, as well as posting at city hall, the court house, post office," said Clark.
The city plans on sending a letter to all the affected residents in the next few months to make sure everyone is aware of the project.
The city doesn't have an exact timeline for when this gap paving project will be voted on but Clark says he hopes that people will come down and speak with him about the project and voice any concerns they have.

The next meeting will be February 6th. Clark isn't sure if the project will be on the agenda but says if it is, he encourages people who are for and against the project to come down and join in on the meeting.

You can visit Dakota City's facebook page for more info on the project: https://www.facebook.com/dakotacity?fref=ts Just scroll down a bit to get to the pictures of the brochure.

Brent Clark: 402-987-3448




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