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Rep. Steve King Makes Sioux City Visit, Talks Budget & Immigration


It's that time of year.

Budget deadlines are looming again on Capitol Hill.

Friday, Iowa Congressman Steve King (R) held a town hall meeting in Sioux City to talk about the next big vote in Congress.

It's crunch time in Washington and some lawmakers like Representative Steve King returned back home to talk to people about solutions to avoid another government shutdown.

In a town hall, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, the Representative told Siouxlanders that now is the time for Republicans and Democrats to lower the national debt and pass a balanced budget.
"They don't have the will to balance the budget. We must have a constitutional amendment that requires it like the states do then we would live within our means that's the best solution. I'm going to continue to work for that and do all the things I can in between as well and that means the sequestration ratchets down again discretionary spending and shrinks the growth in government and in some ways the size of government," said King.

Siouxlanders we spoke with say they're disappointed that lawmakers aren't being financially responsible with taxpayers dollars.
"No they are not doing the job. There are very few Steve King's in the Congress. Even in the Senate or the House that are willing to stand up for the fact that our government was meant to be a small government and they are they have bought into the Wash-- Washington elite system where they are more concerned about getting e-elected than they are about doing the right thing," said Linda Holub, a leader with the Woodbury County Republican Party.
"We believe that they should not be trying to spend more dollars. We don't have a tax problem, we have a spending problem and that's what they need to prioritize," echoed Mark Lucas, Iowa director for Americans for Prosperity.
Congressman King says if fellow lawmakers won't act, then Iowans, like all Americans, will continue to suffer the consequences and with more than $17 trillion dollars of debt, he says that's something our children can't afford it.

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