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Lemonade Days Benefit Children's Museum


Local kids hope to turn something sour into a sweet deal this weekend. "Lemonade Days" will raise money for construction of a new children's museum in Sioux City.

It's Hot. There's no way to get around it, but there is a way to get a little relief.
A lemonade stand.
Billy La Croix's mom, Debbie Bernstein, came up with the idea for the Children's Museum of Siouxland, and this weekend, Debbie and Billy are hoping the lemonade stand idea will catch on with other kids in the area.
"We were thinking, it's the end of summer and Billy will probably give you a quote about how it's so hot that it's perfect that lemonade and hot fit together," said Bernstein.
Billy hopes he can get at least fifty lemonade stands up and running for the weekend.
"He's been talking to some of his friends and we're just inviting the community to come along and then the Children's Museum is going to be hosting a drop-off donation party and its at the offices and we will have some prizes for the kids and of course lemonade and we'll let them drop off their donations and meet the staff," Bernstein said.
Billy was at Book People on Hamilton Boulevard today, kicking off "Lemonade Days." He's selling a cup of lemonade for $1, with all proceeds going to the Children's Museum.

Bernstein says you can charge whatever you'd like for the lemonade. It's up to you.
"We have a bunch of tips on our website which explains how to pick a location, what you're going to need and how much to charge," she said.
And if you don't want to open your own lemonade stand you can join in on some of the other stands. Besides, Billy really wants you to join in.
"I want them to know that once it's built they can go there and have fun," said Billy La Croix.
"The goal of lemonade stands besides being kid driven is to also teach them about being entrepreneurs and philanthropists," Bernstein said.
"Everyone watching this, why don't you come out and do lemonade stands!"

If you want to team up with Billy and run a lemonade stand for the Sioux City Children's Museum, visit www.childrensmuseumofsiouxland.org for more information

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