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Above and Beyond: Keegan Lyon


(SIOUX CITY, IA) Once a month, we ask you to nominate a student who goes "Above and Beyond" to make their community a better place.

Meet Keegan Lyon.

He's a junior at East High School and hopes giving back to his community will help him move ahead with his passion.

Keegan is paying it forward. He started out on the golf course learning the rules of the game thanks to The First Tee.
"Just getting out, fresh air, playing. It's just an addicting habit. I've loved it since I started it," says Lyon.
Now, Keegan volunteers with The First Tee, a program which teaches kids life skills like self-management and social abilities; and, of course, how to play the game of golf.
"Just helping them learn the game it's nice, its fun seeing kids trying to get hooked into the game and it's just a good time," Lyon says.
The First Tee's Program Director Steve McGrory has known Keegan for years.
"If you ask him to do something he's the first to say 'And what else can I do?' He's always willing to give back. I think he understands that a lot of his grounding and his roots belong to partly, this program and his parents, but he understands the important impact it had on him," says McGrory.
Which is why he spends every summer out here on the green.
Keegan teaches the kids all kinds of stuff like how to putt, how to chip, even how to hold the putter.
"Golf is in his future, he's figured out that that's something he really enjoys but I think community service is always in the back of his mind, trying to help others and I'm sure it will be down the road too," says McGrory.
"I love the game, its very fun, addicting and I just want to get myself better to help my chances of maybe doing something with it in life," says Lyon.

A lifelong sport teaching lifelong lessons, something Keegan hopes to pass on to the younger generation.

If you know of a student who goes above and beyond we want to hear from you!
You can nominate them!
Just visit our website: www.Siouxlandnews.com and look for the " Above and Beyond" box on the right hand side.



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