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Above & Beyond: Tabitha Wagner

(ONAWA, IA) - She throws discus for her school's track and field team. She's a Key Club member raising money for local charities and works at a nursing home in Onawa. Tabitha Wagner has her hands full for a highschooler. Most of all, she's a musician who has so much passion for playing, it's taking her to college.

Tabitha Wagner has been playing in band since she was 9-years-old.
"It kind of makes me feel happy inside," said Wagner with a laugh.
She plays more than one instrument.
"I play the flute, the bass saxophone and the alto saxophone," said Wagner.

We asked how she finds time to play all three of those.

"It's kind of hard. I try to practice every day though," she said.
Tabitha's the kind of girl you want to sit next to in class, making you smile and laugh.
"It's heavy!" she said of her bass saxophone.
She told us her favorite is the flute.
"Probably because I've been playing it the longest. I know it very well," said Wagner.
She's lugging her three instruments to college. Tabitha will be playing in Western Iowa Tech's Jazz Band while studying nursing and business.
"I like being with people who enjoy the same thing that I enjoy and being able to play in a big group is always wonderful, too," she said.
Music keeps her plenty busy, but she juggles more than that.
"I didn't have anything to do in 9th grade so I was like I'll just start joining random things and it'll be okay. So I joined Key Club and I thought it was pretty fun when I started," said Wagner.
It's a club designed for students to get involved in community service.
"We are raising money for one of our teacher's aides to get a new motorized wheelchair," explained Wagner.
Tabitha tackles one sport in the spring: Track and Field.
"I'm not a runner!" she exclaimed.
She's on the Field side.
"I started throwing disc in 7th grade and then just kind of stuck with it since then," said Wagner.
Since Tabitha was diagnosed with ADD, playing those three instruments and balancing every activity has made her a student that goes above and beyond.
"I try to focus on other activities. That's why music is such a great thing for me because if I'm doing that, then I won't be jumping off walls," said Wagner.
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