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New Restaurants Opening Soon While Another Closes

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - You've seen the "Coming Soon" signs and before long the "OPEN" signs will be flashing for three new restaurants coming to Lakeport Commons in Sioux City. 

Prepping for opening day, Panera Bread put on the finishing touches Thursday afternoon while Qdoba Mexican Grill entices future customers with signs in front saying "Coming Soon" and "Hiring".

Down the road, Chipotle Mexican Grill looks close to ready.
"I think it's super to have new ones come in," said Linda Langmack from Emerson, NE.
"I was pretty excited they were actually opening," said Nichole Thoene of Sioux City.
Panera Bread said it will open a week from Friday, March 15th. That's ahead of schedule.
Next door to Panera and Qdoba used to be Five Guys. Just two months ago, the burger chain closed up shop. Bringing in new restaurants has some people worried.
"It feels like it's steadily crumbling 'cause you can't keep a business open. That's not really something people want to try and open another business up into," said Thoene.
"I just don't like to see people go to the expense of opening up a new business and then having to close, maybe losing it," said Mary Kneifl of Ponca, NE. 
"It is a tight crunch right now, but you know it's worth a try. If they can get it off the ground, I think they'll be successful," said Langmack.

Parking could also pose a problem for newcomers.

"They'd have to have better signs, places to tell you which direction to go," said Kneifl.
Chipotle said it counts on succeeding because the company doesn't franchise like some of its competitors.
"The luxury of having the ability to carry one if it needs that for any period of time, but we do very well with our other restaurants in Iowa and we're optimistic this one will do well, too," said Chipotle Mexican Grill Director of Communications, Chris Arnold. 
"I think they'll do a lot better than some of the places because they're really well known, but at the same token I hope they don't leave, because that'd be a shame," said Thoene.
Chipotle plans to open on March 23 or maybe a bit sooner.

Meanwhile, a new Sioux City restaurant closed its doors just eight months after opening.

Crews were taking down the Moe's Southwest Grill sign Thursday. The restaurant sat in the same building as the newly renovated Pilot truck stop. One truck driver said when a business shuts it doors, it hurts his business, too.
"We bring everything around to people. We kind of make this country, help stay running. When it closes out, it hurts us big time. Freight slows down. It hurts my paycheck," said truck driver, George Garcia.

Pilot's General Manager said the old Moe's will be a driver's lounge two or three months from now until a new business can move in.

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