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"Let's Keep Wrestling" Gov. Branstad Campaign

(DES MOINES, IA) - Wrestling supporters are teaming up to save the Olympic sport including Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Governor Branstad has created a website called www.LetsKeepWrestling.com and a Facebook page to save Olympic Wrestling and ask the IOC to keep the sport at the Olympics.


Governor Branstad wasn't a wrestler, but he finds the sport important enough to save with three simple words: Let's Keep Wrestling.
"We wanna do all we can to support keeping this Olympic sport," said Branstad.
It's a website to get as many people on board as possible to keep wrestling at the Olympics including support from an Olympic Gold Medalist.

"It's going to merge to the national and international level," said Dan Gabel, a former U.S. Wrestling Olympic Coach.
The fight has the attention the wrestling community wants and needs.
"This is what's going to make a difference. They might have thought that wrestling was going to be an easy path, but as you can see, there's places like this all over the world. It's just not Iowa," said Gabel.
Chargers Head Coach Joe Privitere came to Sioux City after once being an international wrestler himself, competing in Europe. He says wrestling is just as important as any other Olympic sport.
"When I graduated college, it said I wanted to be an Olympic champion. I mean that's what kids aspire to in wrestling. That's the ultimate goal. It's a shame that someone's trying to take that away from us," said Privitere.
One wrestling supporter believes FILA, the international group behind wrestling, dropped the ball, especially because FILA has changed the rules of the sport.
"I have a feeling they just thought, well we've been in it forever. We've been in the Olympics. We'll never get dropped from the Olympics," said Tim Tushla.
That is why, in just a matter of days, the buzz is all about saving Olympic wrestling.
"It's gonna be tough to win. The reason I say that is because nobody ever overrules this committee, but there is a precedence. They have been overruled," said Gabel.

Wrestling is still on for the 2016 Olympics. For 2020, right now wrestling didn't make the cut. The IOC can still change its mind.


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