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Bringing CES Back to Siouxland


We've been seeing the latest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from the tech toys you probably can't wait for, like TVs.

"The first OLED TV that comes out will be a 55 inch for $12,000," said Keith Thomas, with the Dakota PC Warehouse, speaking via phone Friday from Las Vegas.

To others you probably didn't know existed, like some of the more quirky items on display.

"The 'Happy Fork,' that monitors how fast you're eating and tries to give you feedback to slow your eating rate down to help you lose weight," said Thomas.

When it comes to this year's hottest technology, like smart phones and Android devices, local shops like the Dakota PC Warehouse are always on the lookout for what to bring back home.

For them it's really a guessing game, because some of the technology will make it and some won't, and predicting which is which isn't easy.

"(We) Try not to get people into the leading edge of technology, let's keep them back a little bit so that they get products that work and work well," said Thomas. "And don't have to worry about upgrading a couple of years later."

Keith says Android and smart phone technology really stole the show this year, but there are other things you should watch out for like wireless technology, even wireless power chargers for cell phones and laptops.

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