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Above & Beyond: Kasey Michels


(NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD) Once a month, we ask you to nominate a student who goes "Above and Beyond" to make their community a better place. Our first nominee is Kasey Michels, a sophomore at Dakota Valley High School.

For Kasey, being a straight A student comes naturally. She says studying isn't her thing, but working hard and never procrastinating are her secret weapons.

She's only 16-years-old, but Kasey has already been taught a few life lessons that help her go "Above and Beyond" every day of her life.

Kasey's Grandmother, Jane, has played a vital part in her life. Two summers ago, Jane's health began to decline. She had cancer and Kasey knew it wouldn't be long.
"She was like a great role model to me," Kasey said. "We knew she was dying, she didn't look like herself, she didn't know who we were. I was so scared to say goodbye." 
When Jane passed away, Kasey swore to never forget the lessons her grandma taught her to live by
"She told me that the bullies would hurt people because something was going on in their life, so I should just ignore it," she says.
As a victim of bullying, Kasey knows first-hand how bad it hurts. "I remember they would always bully me because they thought I was so skinny. And they thought I was anorexic. So I just shoved it off," Kasey said.
So she uses her personal experiences to help others in school and in the community.
"She always helps other kids, either with homework, or kids (who) are getting pushed around," says Kasey's mom, Tami Michels. "She works with the elderly and loves it, and that's just what she does." 
Kasey works part time at Stoneybrook Suites, helping people who can't physically help themselves. When it comes to school, her band teacher says Kasey sets a good example for her peers.
"In the band, I always like to have the kids help other kids out, teaching them parts and working with them. Kasey's one of those students that we can take and put her in a practice room, and she does," said Daryl Jessen, the band Director at Dakota Valley High school. "And when they come out they know their parts better."
And just like her Grandma, Kasey hopes to be a role model for others.
If you know a student who goes Above and Beyond, you can nominate them here.



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