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Building A Better Thanksgiving Feast


Thursday many Americans will be dishing up the biggest meal of the year, but the Thanksgiving feast doesn't have to pack on the pounds.

Wednesday last minute shoppers were busy stocking up for the Thanksgiving meal at the Southern Hills Hy-Vee in Sioux City.

Registered Dietitian Allison Rossow says it's easy to make the feast healthy, you can start with side dishes.

First, cook yellow foods like squash and sweet potatoes.

"They are high fiber, so they are great options to include in a Thanksgiving meal," said Rossow.

If you want your food to taste great, use spices instead of marshmallows or onion crunchies and go for low sodium options when you can.

When it comes to the main course, Rossow says a traditional turkey can be healthy, you just need to know what to watch for.

"Removing the skin, that's where you're going to get rid of a lot of the fat," said Rossow.

"Turkeys that have been enhanced with the solutions, they are going to be a little higher in sodium, so if you're trying to watch that in your diet that would be one thing you'd want to look for," said Rossow.

If you're topping it all off with a little pie, Rossow recommends cutting it into 10 instead of 8 slices, and pumpkin is the way to go.

"One piece is about 250 calories," said Rossow. "Whereas, like a pecan pie would be more in the ballpark of 480."

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation the turkey dinner shouldn't set you back too much.

This year it should cost $49.48 to make a ten serving meal.

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