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Pig Rustling: Sheldon Pigs Stolen In Bizarre Nighttime Theft


(SHELDON, IA) A bizarre hog theft near Sheldon, Iowa has investigators scratching their heads. More than $38,000 worth of hogs and feeder pigs are missing, and the owners of the barn have no idea who took them.
"You hear of things like this but you never expect it to hit home, and be at your facility, especially when we live just a quarter of a mile away from our hog barn site," says hog owner Tina Dekker.
But it did happen, in the dead of night, while Tina Dekker and her husband Kirk were sleeping.
220 feeder pigs and 195 fat hogs went missing, a number of animals valued at over $38,000.
"You feel a little violated that someone has been watching you, and your family. Maybe days, maybe weeks. You're unsure of the time, but definitely whoever broke into this hog barn site did their homework," Dekker says.
Dekker says she and her husband stopped at the barn just after 9 P.M. last Saturday to shut off a water line, and then they went home.
The burglars actually came around the back, they broke in the back door by breaking off the lock, and then they loaded the pigs into a semi from the front.
Dekker says that since many hog farmers load animals at night, a neighbor or police officer may not have noticed something was wrong.
"It could be a dishonest farmer, a neighbor down the road, or in the county, that is struggling financially, that is going to mix the pigs in on his own," says Dekker. "All pigs look the same, and it's going to be really difficult to identify and track."
But for now, the Dekkers are installing an alarm system so thieves won't be so lucky next time.

If you have any information on this crime, or if you see any suspicious hog sellers trying to sell several animals at a time, the Sioux County Sheriff's Office is investigating and needs your help.

You can call and report anything you may have seen here:

Sheriff's Office
Sioux County
Public Safety Center
4363 Ironwood Ave Ste 1
Orange City, IA 51041

Phone: (712) 737-2280
Fax: (712) 737-8185
Emergency Dial 9-1-1
Email: sheriff@siouxcounty.org




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