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Remains Found In Sac City Home


(SIOUX CITY, IA) A cold case mystery, heads in a new direction.  Three years after a Sac County man vanished without a trace.

Mark Koster disappeared in 2009. November 8th, police confirm Koster's remains were discovered this week in the basement of his own home.

"Well, a little spooky, is all, course Halloween's over with," says Sac City Resident, Clifford Weisenborn.
That's the feeling shared among neighbors here in the small town of Sac City. Clifford Weisenborn used to live at this house on Fifth Street in the late 1920's and has fond memories.
"The basement here was made out of rock and so forth and some mortar of course in it, and you had a trap door, you lifted up and you'd walk down, almost a ladder it was so steep and it had a dirt floor," says Weisenborn.
But like any old house, owners come and go. Mark Koster was one of them during the summer of 2009 and on Independence Day that year, he told his neighbor Sandy, he, and his roommate Tom, were going to be gone for a while.
"There was a note left on the door for me, cause I usually, when he's gone, I'll take care of the property for him, either mow or shovel the rocks, and it said, went to Florida, see you in the spring," says Koster's next door neighbor, Sandy Dierenfeld.
But Mark never showed up during the spring of 2010. So, sandy called Police.
"We did a search on the residence, with the Iowa Department of Criminal investigations, all signs at that time pointed that he had left the residence willingly. There was no sign of foul play at that time. So we collected evidence, DNA, computers to see maybe where is whereabouts had went," says Sac City Chief of Police, John Thomsen.
A year went by and neither Koster, nor his roommate Tom have been seen since.

So in 2011, Koster's family declared him legally dead. They sold his house in May of 2012, setting the stage for a gruesome discovery this month.
The New owner of the home found the remains of the previous owner, Mark Koster, while renovating his basement.
"It was buried in a not very accessible place in the basement," says Thomsen.
Sandy says, she took care of the home after Mark disappeared, to keep burglars out. She says she never smelled anything coming from the basement, and does not suspect Koster was murdered.
"I think he was fatally ill, and he just wanted to be buried in his home. I don't think there was anything malicious," she says.
Police say the autopsy on Koster's body could take 6-8 weeks, before they determine the cause of death.

The Investigation is ongoing, and Sac City Police are asking anyone with information on this case or on Koster's roommate, to please call the Department at (712) 662 - 7772.

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