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Final Hours In the Iowa Congressional District 4 Race


(SIOUX CITY, IA) Christie Vilsack, candidate for Iowa's newly formed 4th district, made one final stop here in Sioux City, one day before Election Day while her opponent, Representative Steve King, made his final arguments to voters in Ames.
Both parties and special interest groups have been pouring money into the race as the candidates make their way through the final hours of campaigning.

"We've been tied for a few weeks, and so what were doing is making sure we take the ball over the goal line," says Christie Vilsack, Candidate for Iowa's newly formed 4th district.
A win that could go to either candidate at this point. But, Christie Vilsack says her message is enough to sway any remaining undecided voters.
"I want to be a problem solver, not a partisan fighter. And I think right now, what we need in congress, are people with the temperament, to be able to sit at a table and be able to compromise," says Vilsack.
Vilsack says the current congress has been ineffective, pointing to its inability to pass a new Farm or infrastructure bill. But King says these bills should not be rushed.
"We have never started a farm bill in a presidential year and finished it in a presidential year in history, so I think you can understand its more important to get the right farm bill for five years than it is we just pass one, in order to avoid some criticism from one political opponent," he says.
The final debate between King and Vilsack made national headlines last week, when King said federal aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy needs to be watched carefully, so it's not spent on expensive handbags. Vilsack says his comments reflect poorly on the people of Iowa.
"How would we react if they don't want to help us in our time of need? This is a national crisis, and to say that he doesn't want to spend money on people on the eastern shore because he's afraid their going to spend the money on Gucci bags and massage parlors, it's just cruel," says Vilsack.
The Government accountability Office reported FEMA handed out up to 1.4 billion dollars in "improper or potentially fraudulent" aid payments to victims of Hurricane Katrina, and King says he doesn't want to see that happen in this situation.
"I don't apologize for the statement, there is nothing to apologize for, what I've said is an important responsible message to put out just at that time," says King. "I'm articulating my responsibility which is to make sure we use tax payers money, funding for the right thing."
And with less than 24 hours left in this highly anticipated race, the ball is officially in the voter's court.

Christie Vilsack and her supporters will gather in Ames Election night to watch election returns. Representative King will hold his election returns party in Carroll, Iowa.

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