Kosama Complete Body Transformation Challenge


(SIOUX CITY, IA) For the past 8 weeks, Erika Thomas has been sweating her way through the Kosama Complete Body Transformation Challenge. Now she takes a look back on her journey and how the program has impacted the lives of her fellow classmates.

"It's the complete body. It's weights, it's cardio, it's circuit, it's upper body, it's lower body, it's everything," says Paxton Ubbinga, Kosama Trainer. 

Kosama is new exercise program developed in central Iowa that migrated to Sioux City this summer. It focuses on muscle confusion to work every part of your body.

"Everyone in here has their own story, everyone has their own goals, their own mountain to climb," says Tom Spiess, Kosama General Manager. 

To set those goals, you start with an initial assessment – recording your weight, measurements and base line numbers for a half–dozen basic exercises.

"Well done. Keep up that breathing. All the way down there." 

"I was kind of shocked actually. I didn't know I was so weak," says Erin Haveman, Kosama participant from Sloan, Iowa. 

Erin Haveman's story is just one of many. She drives 60 miles a day to work out for the first time in her life.

"I have a 5 year old and I could just never get rid of the flabber and the gross stuff that comes along with having a baby and I was tired of it," says Haveman. 

Now Erin and hundreds of other classmates work with trainers 6 hours a week.

"It's hard to push yourself when you're in the gym by yourself and with the group setting, it's like you want to be in that competition with everybody so you push yourself until the breaking point," says Ranessa Chase, Kosama participant from Ponca, Nebraska. 

"It's a challenge every single time," says Stacy Kazos, Kosama participant from Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. 

"If you can push yourself to the max and that's what us coaches are here for to get you through it and make it motivating to push them through and burn more calories, just to make it more of a challenge every single day," says Kelli Hendricks, Kosama Trainer. 

Every workout I wear this watch that tracks your heart rate and the calories. The amount you burn can vary class–to–class depending on what you're doing but I've burned anywhere from 450 all the way up to more than 700. Week 5 kickboxing kicked my butt. I burned 765 calories. 

And it's just a matter of time before things start to change:

"Definitely in my face. I feel like my face is a lot thinner. My legs are getting toned, my arms are toning up and I can actually see some abs popping out," say Haveman. 

51:25 "It's amazing what your body can do in 8 weeks," says Hendricks. 

And during my final assessment, most of my numbers improved dramatically – I went from 33 to 80 crunches in a minute and from 27 push–ups on my knees to 21 push–ups on my toes.

"You never know what you can do or can't do unless you try it," says Ubbinga.

No matter what type of exercise program you're doing, Kosama trainers say form and hydration are two top priorities. It's "quality over quantity" when it comes to proper form and drinking enough water keeps your muscles ready to work.

You can learn more about Kosama online at http://siouxcity.kosama.com/ or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kosama-Sioux-City/182695575097019?ref=ts.

Reported by Erika Thomas. You can contact her at ethomas@kmeg.com.

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