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Jeremy Williams Blames Wright, Dukes for Murder


Jeremy Williams told the jury he went with Nick Perez to talk to Zachary Cooper about buying the marijuana.  He said Cooper threatened that if the deal did not go well, he would harm Williams' family.  Williams said he then punched him in the mouth, left and thought the deal was off. 

But Samuel Wright sent Perez back to talk to Cooper, and Cooper agreed to the sale.  So Williams said he drove around Sioux City to stay out of the way while Cooper went to Perez's apartment to deliver the marijuana.  Williams said after about 20 to 30 minutes, he returned to Perez's apartment.

"When I walked in there, I saw Samuel had a gun pointed at Zach," said Williams. "And Ray Dukes was patting him down. And I saw some blood coming from Zachary Cooper's face."

Williams said he was shocked. He said he thought they were going to buy the marijuana from Zachary Cooper.

"I went to leave, then I heard a 'click-click'," said Williams. "And Samuel Wright said, 'you ain't going no where. I need you to drive later'."

They drove to a rural road outside Lawton, Iowa. Then Williams said Wright got out and made Cooper follow him. Williams said he heard a thud like someone was hit, and then Wright told him to go clean up some blood on the rear passenger side window. Williams said he wiped it off with the sleeve of his coat and started walking back behind the car when he heard a gunshot.

"Samuel passed Ray Dukes the gun and said 'show them how we do it in Sioux City," said Williams. "And then Ray Dukes pulled the trigger."

Williams said Wright threatened to harm his family, if he told anyone. He said Wright and Dukes even surrounded him outside the Kum and Go gas station to remind him of their threat.

"I can't put my family at risk," said Williams. It would be different if it was just me, but not my family."

But the prosection pointed out that he not only refused to tell investigators what happened, he lied about certain details of the story.

"Why did you tell them you hit someone at Nick Perez's apartment?  Because they wouldn't believe me no matter what I said."

But one part of Williams' story has never changed. He insists he did not shoot Zachary Cooper.

Both the State and Defense have rested their cases, and the jury will hear closing arguments Thursday morning.

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