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What happens if I run out of money?

Many people enter a skilled nursing or an intermediate care facility as private pay residents and turn to Medicaid when their money runs out. If the home is Medicaid-certified, it must continue to care for a resident who eventually requires Medicaid if a Medicaid bed is available. To ensure continued coverage, request a Medicaid-certified bed upon admission. If there is a suspected diagnosis of mental illness, mental retardation, or related disorder, a special screening process may be required.

Placement in a Medicaid bed allows a person to take advantage of the "division of assets" program. The program helps ensure residents' spouses who live in the community are not impoverished because of their loved one's facility bills. A person can apply for Medicaid at his or her local Division of Family Services office.

In some instances, residents are eligible for a cash grant to help cover the costs of their care. The grant, funded by Missouri tax dollars, is available to eligible low-income persons through application at their local Division of Family Services office.

Source: http://www.dhss.mo.gov/NursingHomes/SelectNH.html

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