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Steve King: Shaping Future Public Servants


(SIOUX CITY, IA) Iowa Representative Steve King stopped at West Middle School on Thursday to talk with students about his role in Washington and the future of our country.

In front of 300 8th graders, Representative King answered questions about everything from health care to the economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"And once we commit to a military operation, we have to commit to its success," says Rep. Steve King.    

"I think it's very important for us because we're the ones going to be dealing with this in the future," says Jose Vasquez, West Middle 8th grader.

"They're old enough to understand and yet they aren't jaded by a lot of years of adulthood," says Rep. King.

While he talked politics, it was King's personal story of building his own business from the ground up that hit home for many.

"That's empowering for us as students because we're not allowed to vote, we're not allowed to do the things that adults can, so to know that one person can make a difference is really - it helps," says Madison Puntillo, West Middle 8th grader.

And King wants to make a difference for the people in Iowa's 5th district, including Sioux City. For him, that means not extending unemployment benefits for laid off John Morrell employees.

"That's not responsible leadership in the part of the governor and this state. He should be promoting the idea of people getting jobs and a seamless transition into those jobs," says Rep. King.

While King touched on dozens of topics, he hopes students remember the important ones.

"Some of that will stick and hopefully they will be inspired to step up to public service and be good citizens and that's what they're here to learn how to be," says Rep. King.

King is up for reelection this year for a fifth term representing Iowa's 5th district. One campaign focus: reducing the size of government because of overspending.

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